La nave semisommergibile per il trasporto di tronchi 14.01.16

Si chiama Seaspan Phoenix, è una nave attrezzata per il trasporto legname semisommergile che opera nella Columbia Britannica. La sua particolarità risiede proprio nella capacità di inclinarsi su di un fianco per scaricare velocemente i tronchi in acqua.
Davvero qualcosa che non si vede tutti i giorni.

The idea is that instead of towing logs in the water, which posed several limiting factors, the logs would be piled on a specialty barge much like a logging truck. These barge can move more logs safely, in rougher weather, than the traditional log towing. Some of the bigger names in the business are Rivtow, Seaspan, and Kingcome Navigation, all based out of Vancouver. The heydays of these massive "log trucks" are probably over, having reached a zenith in the late 1980 - early 90's. Kingcome with their unique self propelled, self loading ships have been bought out by Seaspan. The ships ran into a string of bad luck which ultimately saw them being dismantled or their operations severely scaled down. Seaspan still operates several of these types of barges. Rivtow, which was bought by Dutch salvage giant Smit in the late 1990's, currently operates two such barges, one being the largest on the coast, the Rivtow Hercules.