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Umberto Eco in pillole 20.02.16

My collection of rare books concerns only books that don't tell the truth. [laughs] They are fake. For instance, I don't have Galileo because he told the truth. But I have Ptolemy because he was wrong. I have always been so interested in fakes and forgery, because as a philosopher, I am interested in truth. But to establish what is true is very difficult. Frequently it is easier to establish what is false. And, passing through the false, it's possible to understand something about truth—that's a philosophical statement, take it such as it is.

L'intervista a Umberto Eco di Chris Wallace per Interview.

Chi non legge a 70 anni avrà vissuto una sola vita: la propria. Chi legge avrà vissuto 5000 anni: c'era quando Caino uccise Abele, quando Renzo sposò Lucia, quando Leopardi.

Umberto Eco in 40 aforismi.