Storia del Millennium Falcon

Multimedia   02.03.16  

Il Millennium Falcon di Star Wars

La genesi dell'iconico cargo corelliano dai primi schizzi a matita su un quaderno al design definitivo che ha fatto la storia del cinema.
La lunga storia del Millennium Falcon raccontata in dettaglio e senza tralasciare alcun disegno su Kitbashed.

Pura ispirazione.

The Millennium Falcon underwent a long and arduous number of conceptual iterations before its final iconic shape emerged; the one we now once again see blasting its way across the big screen. In fact it wasn't even known by its famous name until well into production, having up until then gone under the much mundane moniker: Pirate Ship.

The myth goes that the final design, perhaps best described as a 'mandible'd saucer' was inspired when George Lucas saw a burger with a bite taken out of it, and pinned an olive to its side.

There are variations of that story but the gist remains the same and much like the dog-as-copilot origin story of Chewbacca it's compelling enough that it will likely stay around as part of Star Wars lore forever.

I hate that story, because it makes no sense.

First of all, who eats burgers with olives? No one, and certainly not George Lucas, born and bred on Americana. Secondly a circle with a circle subtracted would look nothing like the Falcon! But most importantly, that's rarely how inspiration or design works.

I've begun this essay only to abandon it due to lacking connective tissue a number of times over the years. Late last year I thought I had found a missing piece when I linked a Moebius comic and a Joe Johnston quote together — his favorite ship is from The Long Tomorrow (Sep 1976) — only to find that the timeline couldn't match up properly (such disappoint).

The Falcon's conceptual development has always intrigued me exactly because certain creative decisions don't seem to easily fit together. I've researched this subject extensively over the course of years, and it's only now I can finally start to eek out some sort of sensible process.

With that in mind, this then is The Complete History of the Millennium Falcon — although I don't cover production in detail, nor INT. PIRATE SHIP, maybe that will be a later addition — or as I like to call it: How I Started Worrying and Lost My Mind Completely Over a Fictional Spaceship Someone Please Do Something Send Help Why Are You Still Reading Someone Do Something.

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