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Prima di essere una first lady 07.03.16

La carriera da attrice di Nancy Reagan raccontata dal Washington Post.

Before her husband’s policies made history, before she told the world to "just say no" to drugs, before she set foot in the White House or California governor's mansion, Nancy Reagan was a lady of Hollywood. From 1948 to 1962, she appeared in movies and television shows, often playing the role of the loyal wife — the position she would come to be remembered for off-screen. She died March 6 at her home in Los Angeles. She was 94.

Her acting career began in her Chicago high school, where she played the lead role in George S. Kaufman’s play "First Lady" during her senior year.

"I don't recall much about the story, but I do remember that I wore a black dress with a white collar, and that when my classmates forgot their lines, I was able to jump in and start talking until we got back on track," Reagan wrote in her 1989 memoir, "My Turn." "Everyone was terribly impressed — including me."