Nella tana del Sarlacc.

La minaccia fantasma con meno Gungan e nessun accenno ai Midichlorian 23.03.16

La minaccia fantasma rimontata per correggerne i difetti di sceneggiatura e regia.

Here's a brief listing of the edits:
- Nemoidian and Gungan voices are re-vocalized with alien dialect and subtitled.
- Journey to Gungan underwater city removed
- Jar Jar is now a useful character instead of an annoying tag-along
- Nemoidians are much more devious and less cowardly
- Childish Battle Droid dialog removed
- Queen Amidala's voice is pitch-shifted back to her normal pitch. (Still could not remove her horrible British accent)
- Naboo pilot Ric Olié's endless plot exposition removed when appropriate
- Midichlorian references removed
- Anakin immaculate conception removed
- All fart and poop jokes removed
- Anakin is edited to be a more deliberate hero instead of an accidental one.
- Removed as many "Yippe!" and "Whoa!" and "Whee!" exclamations as possible.
- Removed the two headed pod race announcer
- Shortened the podrace intro scene and tightened the whole race for more tension
- Removed the entire sequence of trying to capture the Viceroy at the end.

Al netto di questa edizione rimontata c'era già chi pensava che Episodio I non fosse interamente da buttare.