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Il telecronista perde tutta la sua freddezza nordica per il gol dell'Islanda 23.06.16

Il sogno dell'avventura europea dell'Islanda nella voce del telecronista al gol, decisivo per il passaggio del turno, contro l'Austria al 90esimo.

Everything's open! Theódór Elmar! Is he alone on their side of the field? Three on two! Emmi [short for Elmar]! Inside the box! Inside the box! Emmi!
YEEEEEES! YEEEEEES! YEEEEEES! YEEEEEES! YEEEEEES! YEEEEEES! We are winning! We have qualified to the 16 team final! We have qualified to the 16 team competition! We are winning Austria! The voice is gone, but that doesn't matter, we have qualified!
Arnór Ingvi Traustason! Just scored! Iceland two, Austria one! What a moment! What a moment! What! The referee has called the game, and I have never, I have never felt this good!
Arnór Ingvi Traustason guarantees us the first win in the Euros! We have never lost, don't forget that, we have never lost but the first win is a fact! Iceland two, Austria one.
Thanks for coming Austria, thanks for coming!