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Le medaglie di Rio 2016 15.08.16

La realizzazione e la coniatura delle medaglie dei Giochi Olimpici e Paralimpici di Rio de Janeiro 2016 da parte della zecca brasiliana.

The design for the medals of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games highlights the relationship between the power of Olympic heroes and the power of natural forces. The medals use the form of the laurel leaf, an ancient symbol of victory, to connect the champions of the Olympic Games to the forces of the natural world. The designers have worked with organic, flowing lines to create the image on the reverse face. The varied textures of the medal’s relief are inspired by the energy and passion of Brazil. In keeping with Olympic tradition, the front or obverse face of the medals bears the image of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, and two symbols of ancient and modern Greece, the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens and the Acropolis.