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101 iniziative per migliorare la tua città 27.09.16

101 piccole soluzioni per aumentare la qualità della vita e migliorare la percezione delle nostre città e dei nostri quartieri, raccolte nella lista stilata da Curbed.

5. Start documenting your street. Share the beauty of your surroundings, whether it's through an Instagram hashtag or a personal photo project. Once you start snapping pictures of everyday life there’s no telling what you’ll find or who you'll meet.

[...] 17. Turn infrastructure into t-shirts. It's a simple way to achieve instant street cred. German art group Raubdruckerin uses a "pirate printing" technique that, in essence, screenprints manhole covers, a process that creates graphic T-shirts with a clever connection to different European cities.

[...] 79. Screen a movie outdoors. An impromptu movie night isn't as hard to organize as it may sound. From a small gathering with neighbors to a larger, site-specific, artistic spectacular, cinema can expand horizons and bring people together. This guide on how to set up your own screening offers tips on how to host your owns screening, whether it's on an actual screen or the side of a building.