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L'archivio personale di Stanley Kubrick 11.11.16

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes è il documentario diretto da Jon Ronson sul vasto archivio personale di Stanley Kubrick. Oltre 1.000 scatole piene di materiale relativo ai suoi film tra cui foto, ritagli di giornale, lettere, documenti e ricerche.

The journey to the Kubrick house starts normally. You drive through rural Hertfordshire, passing ordinary-sized postwar houses and opticians and vets. Then you turn right at an electric gate with a "Do Not Trespass" sign. Drive through that, and through some woods, and past a long, white fence with the paint peeling off, and then another electric gate, and then another electric gate, and then another electric gate, and you’re in the middle of an estate full of boxes.

There are boxes everywhere — shelves of boxes in the stable block, rooms full of boxes in the main house. In the fields, where racehorses once stood and grazed, are half a dozen portable cabins, each packed with boxes. These are the boxes that contain the legendary Kubrick archive.