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Come l'iPhone ha cambiato Apple e noi 15.01.17

Nel decennale dell'inizio dell'era iPhone, Phil Shiller ne ripercorre la nascita, l'evoluzione e l'impatto che ha avuto sulla società e sull'interazione tra uomo e macchina.

In any case, the first iPhone decade has built a mind-boggling legacy. These are our digital protheses. We are cyborgs, appended to smart phones that give us power, and make us weaker when we for some reason don't have one. No one knew this would happen, including Apple. "When we started on iPhone, we could envision that phones would change forever and get better," says Schiller. "We could envision that we could surf the web on them. We could envision that we could get our email. We could envision that it would replace our iPod one day. All those things we could see. But the magical thing that happened along the journey of iPhone is that it also became our most important device in our life. That transition in how we interact with the world is something that I don’t think anyone could completely understand, until we were living with these and using them."