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La luna che increspa gli anelli di Saturno 25.01.17

L'effetto gravitazionale della luna Dafni sugli anelli di Saturno

Le onde gravitazionali indotte dal passaggio del satelline naturale di Saturno, Dafni, increspano l'anello A del gigante gassoso, in questa spettacolare immagine catturata dalla sonda Cassini.

Cassini took the image on January 16, 2017, while 17,000 miles (28,000 kilometers) away from the moon. Measuring 5 miles (8 kilometers) along its longest axis, irregular Daphnis resides in the 26-mile (42-kilometer) wide Keeler Gap in Saturn's outer A ring. The Keeler Gap seems narrower than it really is in this image because of foreshortening due to the spacecraft's viewing angle. You can just see grooves along the long axis of Daphnis in the image, as well as a few impact craters.