Ha studiato legge con Murphy.

I capelli dei Lego minifigure 02.07.17

Breve storia delle acconciature degli omini Lego raccontata da Racked.

The Lego Group was founded by Danish toymaker Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1932. In 1949, Kristiansen made the first iteration of the now-iconic Lego brick. 1978 marked the introduction of the minifigure, and Lego hair was born. "The minifigures still remain remarkably true to their original 1978 design, while also reflecting styles and designs of today," says Lego minifigure designer Tara Wike, adding "We do our best to provide a broad selection of characters to inspire all kinds of kids (and adults!) to build and play."

The world of Lego hair is surprisingly sentimental. On the Lego fan forum Eurobricks, there is an entire thread devoted to Lego hair and Lego hair collectors. "I am bald in real life so this is like torture," writes one user, "My favourite is the new Pete Venkman/12th Doctor Who hairpiece because you'd be surprised how many characters from film and TV have that receding hairline and haven't had a good approximation in Lego."