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La storia della sigla di DuckTales 10.08.17

Vanity Fari ripercorre la storia della nascita della sigla di DuckTales (uh-uh!), qui sopra cantata a cappella dai doppiatori della nuova stagione.

In the spring of 1986, in the bedroom of a walk-up apartment on South Beverly Drive in L.A., a semi-struggling songwriter named Mark Mueller pressed "record" on his rudimentary reel-to-reel tape recorder, sat down at his Roland Juno 1 synthesizer, and started thinking about ducks.

Disney was looking for a theme song for a new animated series called DuckTales. They wanted a sense of adventure and excitement, a tune that would complement the technicolor energy of the show itself. Most importantly, Disney's music executives explained, they were after a poppy, radio song—not a "cartoon song."