La Disney negli anni '70 e '80

Multimedia   04.01.18  

Den of Geek esplora la produzione cinematografica della Disney tra i primi anni '70 e gli anni '80.
Un periodo di grande confusione creative seguita alla morte di Walt e Roy Disney, ma che lasciò un segno indelebile nella produzione degli studios e del cinema di genere. L'horror Gli occhi del parco, il fantasy Il drago del lago di fuoco e i fantascientifici Tron e The Black Hole - Il buco nero.

To this end, Disney began work on the most expensive movie in its history: The Black Hole. Work on the sci-fi adventure had begun in the mid-70s, where it began as an unpublished story called Space Station-One. For years, the project floated around Disney's offices, with writers coming and going and the name changing first to Probe One and then finally to The Black Hole. It wasn't until January 1978 that pre-production began in earnest, and by this point, Star Wars had punched a planet-sized hole through public consciousness, and sci-fi was suddenly the hot genre.

The Black Hole's then-huge $20 million budget wasn't the only precedent the movie would set: it was to be the first Disney production to carry a PG rating. This might not sound like a big deal today, but at the time, it was quite a departure; traditionally, Disney had a policy of only releasing G-rated movies, which it stuck to rigidly - when the company's 1950 film Treasure Island was reissued in 1975, a brief shot of a bullet wound was snipped out to avoid a PG rating from the MPAA.

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