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Le 100 pagine che hanno cambiato la storia dei fumetti americani 18.04.18

Vulture ha tracciato l'evoluzione dei fumetti americani attraverso le 100 pagine fondamentali che hanno cambiato l'industria e l'impatto culturale dei comics grazie alla loro potenza creativa.
La scelta di concentrarsi su di una singola tavola piuttosto che sull'intero albo o arco narrativo deriva dalla constatazione che la tavola è l'unità fondamentale di un fumetto, capace di trasmettere complessità narrativa e impatto visivo già al primo sguardo.

To assemble our list of 100, we assembled a brain trust of comics professionals, critics, historians, and journalists. Our criteria were as follows: A page had to have either changed the way creators approach making comics, or it had to expertly distill a change that had just begun. In some cases, there were multiple pages that could be used to represent a particular innovation; we've noted those instances. We didn't necessarily pick the 100 best pages — there are many amazing specimens we didn't include because they didn't have a significant influence on the craft of comics. These are also not the only 100 pages that have shaped comic books, but each, in its own way, has had a profound impact on the form as we know it. And, this being comics, we had to get a little nitpicky: We're only dealing with comics first published by North American publishing houses, and we're not including newspaper comic strips, webcomics, or reprints thereof.

Some pages are notable for their written content — game-changing first appearances, brilliant narrative innovations, and so on. Some are significant because the artwork told a story in ways no one had thought to do before, and ended up being emulated — or, in some cases, outright aped. All are interesting on their own and integral parts of the tomes from which they were plucked. We conclude on what we think is a high note, with a few recent comics that have already made an impact and portend a richer and more diverse future. Strung together, these pages are a megacomic of their own, documenting the evolution of an art form in constant flux.