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Una storia d'amore con droni

Multimedia   30.09.16  

In the Robot Skies, diretto da Liam Young e scritto da Tim Maughan, è una storia d'amore di fantascienza girata con droni. Il film sarà presentato in anteprima al London Film Festival questo 8 ottobre.

The film explores the drone as a cultural object, not just as a new instrument of visual story telling but also as the catalyst for a new collection of urban sub cultures. In the way the New York subway car of the 80’s gave birth to a youth culture of wild style graffiti and hip hop the age of ubiquitous drones as smart city infrastructure will create a new network of surveillance activists and drone hackers. From the eyes of the drones we see two teenagers each held by police order within the digital confines of their own council estate tower block in London.


Indiana Jones la serie animata

Multimedia   29.09.16  

L'impressionante trailer di una fittizia serie animata di Indiana Jones realizzato da Patrick Schoenmaker.

My main idea was not to make a trailer that would have just been an excuse to take some random scenes and edit them together to look cool. I wanted a story, but I didn't have the time to make it a full short, so instead, I came up with something like the intro to the Batman animated series.

It boiled down the feel and essence of any Batman story into a one-minute intro. It's a great short film by itself because it makes you hungry for the episode, so I took that approach.


Mad Max: Fury Road in bianco e nero

Multimedia   28.09.16  

La versione originale (ne esisteva anche una pirata, ma senza sonoro) in bianco e nero di Mad Max: Fury Road presto in vendita su Amazon.
Per dirla con le parole del regista George Miller:

The best version of Road Warrior was... they used to do a "slash dupe" in music. To make a really cheap print, they'd make a black and white version for the composer. They used to put lines [across it], if you see old documentary footage of composers in the past, you'd see them looking at the screen and conducting, that was a slash dupe, and it was black and white. And you'd mix the sound that way [too]. And every time I saw the black and white I thought "oh, my god!" It just reduces it to this really gutsy high-con black and white, very, very powerful.


La classifica delle serie originali di Netflix

Multimedia   25.09.16  

Tutte le attuali 36 serie originali prodotte da Netflix valutate su Vulture.

4. Stranger Things I suspect Stranger Things will always remind us of this strange summer. Aside from a swift and widespread fanbase that emerged almost immediately, the show itself seems to represent numerous current threads: nostalgia, especially for the '80s; reverence for source materials, but also a desire to reconstruct them; and (slightly) reconsidered gender politics.

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