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La quarta via 21.05.10

Gli eurocon e la natura isolazionista del Regno Unito visti da oltre oceano.

Conservatism's continent-wide ascendancy may be short-lived anyway. Sarkozy's approval ratings are slumping and the right was routed in the latest round of regional elections. Just as troublingly for the president, if IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn returns from Washington to lead the Socialists, the French left will have its most capable, attractive candidate since it last won the presidency in 1988.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Merkel's Christian Democrats were hammered in recent regional elections in the wake of the Greek bailout. Voters remain unhappy that, as always, it falls to productive German workers to bail out free-spending governments in other parts of the Eurozone. If the Greek bailout fails, or if the contagion spreads to Portugal or Spain, even Germany's ability -- and willingness -- to pay for Europe may be tested beyond breaking point. That in turn would make Merkel's position extremely uncomfortable.

Add in predicted losses for the right in Sweden and the Netherlands, and it may be that Cameron's victory could come to be seen not as the dawning of a new conservative moment, but as the right's last victory before Europe inevitably swings back to the left. Once again, Britain seems to be out of step with the continent.