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Il primo cannone laser della marina americana 12.12.14

LaWS, acronimo di Laser Weapon System, è il primo cannone laser operativo installato su una nave della marina militare americana, la USS Ponce operante nel Golfo Persico.

The LaWS consists of a 30-kilowatt solid-state infrared laser, a Phalanx CIWS (close-in weapon system) radar detection and tracking system, and a special computer terminal that controls the LaWS. Somewhat amusingly, the main interface with LaWS is a controller that looks a lot like an Xbox gamepad -- but more ruggedized and military-looking (pictured below). In the video, the LaWS disables a small Scan Eagle-class UAV, detonates a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG), and burns out the engine of a small inflatable boat (RHIB). Following these successful tests, the US Navy has given the commander of USS Ponce permission to use the laser weapon in combat.