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Il doodle di Google su Moog

Mashable racconta attraverso le parole di Ryan Germick, a capo del team doodle di Google, e Joey Hurst, ingegnere a Mountain View, la decisione di realizzare il doodle odierno per celebrare il 78esimo compleanno del compianto Robert Moog, inventore del sintetizzatore musicale a tastiera che porta il suo nome.

The concept was to recreate the Mini Moog Analog Synthesizer in a Web browser. Germick thought there was no way it could be done. Hurst, who knew someone who owned an original Moog, was instantly excited by the project.

Hurst obviously succeeded, but it wasn't easy. The project, which was done on Hurst's 20% "work on what you want at Google" time (he is not on the Google Doodle team), took almost four months from the first mention to the roll-out. That unveiling actually began yesterday in parts of the world where it was already the 23rd. Hurst explained it was probably one of the most involved engineering efforts they've ever had for a Google Doodle and required thousands of lines of code.

Hurst said he was excited to show the first functioning version to Germick. "It looked terrible," said Germick with a laugh, but it was producing audio. "That's the joy of programming in general. You spend a little bit of time and you can make these really amazing things," said Hurst.