Il camerlengo? Sì, proprio lui.

Le fotografie perdute del capitano Scott 10.12.11

Herbert Ponting fotografa il Terra Nova

Un libro ripercorre la tragica spedizione di Robert Falcon Scott al Polo Sud e la sua leggendaria competizione con Roald Amundsen, con fotografie rimaste inedite per un secolo.

In 1910, Captain Robert Falcon Scott and a small crew of men embarked on the infamous Terra Nova Expedition to the South Pole, only to arrive there on January 17, 1912, and discover that a Norwegian expedition had beaten them to the feat. To add tragedy to letdown, the crew never made it home -- they perished on the way back in the grip of starvation, exhaustion, and extreme cold. Though it was known that Captain Scott documented the ill-fated expedition in a wealth of photos, the location of most of them remained a mystery for nearly a century.