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Come Strava ha conquistato il cuore degli sportivi

Geek   16.09.17  

Men's Journal racconta come Strava, il sito e l'app per raccogliere, analizzare e condividere le prestazioni sportive, le sfide e i percorsi di gara, sia diventato il social network degli sportivi.

"One of the great ironies of Strava's history," says Mark Gainey, the chairman and a co-founder, "is that many people assume that Strava was started by these really passionate hardcore cyclists, when frankly neither of us"—Gainey and his co-founder, Michael Horvath—"are very good cyclists. Or I'll speak for myself—I'm not a good cyclist. We did see an opportunity in the market where there was a group that really wasn't being served well by any of the other products that were out there, and a chance for us to work with the devices that the cyclists were using."