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Scoperta la metà della massa mancante dell'universo 11.10.17

La struttura delle galassie e della materia barionica nell'universo
La struttura delle galassie e della materia barionica nell'universo

Non si tratta di materia oscura, ma di materia barionica individuata in filamenti di gas caldo e diffuso che collega le galassie le une alle altre.

"The missing baryon problem is solved," says Hideki Tanimura at the Institute of Space Astrophysics in Orsay, France, leader of one of the groups. The other team was led by Anna de Graaff at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

Because the gas is so tenuous and not quite hot enough for X-ray telescopes to pick up, nobody had been able to see it before.

"There's no sweet spot – no sweet instrument that we've invented yet that can directly observe this gas," says Richard Ellis at University College London. "It's been purely speculation until now."

So the two groups had to find another way to definitively show that these threads of gas are really there.

Both teams took advantage of a phenomenon called the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect that occurs when light left over from the big bang passes through hot gas. As the light travels, some of it scatters off the electrons in the gas, leaving a dim patch in the cosmic microwave background – our snapshot of the remnants from the birth of the cosmos.