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Congelare bolle di sapone 17.01.16

Il metodo più creativo per spiegare a una bambina quanto freddo fa fuori casa.

- Daddy, I don't want to put this jacket on. - she moaned
- Me too, darling but it is very cold outside. - I explained
- How cold? and I had to figure out an interesting answer which would satisfy a preschooler’s curiosity, so I told her:
- It is so cold that even soap bubbles freeze and it looks really beautiful, you know?
I saw a sparkle in her eye so I promised to make a film to show her that. She was so excited about this idea that of course she forgot that she didn't want to put her jacket on. It wasn't easy to capture those bubbles because only around 5-10% of them didn't break instantly and as you can imagine it was a challenge to be patient at -15 Celsius ;) but it was worth it because now that my daughter has seen it, winter is magic for her.

Feed-iamoci 28.09.07

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Per chi oggi se la fosse persa, ecco un paio di link per fare chiarezza.

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