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Facebook e Gowalla 05.12.11

Places ha fallito. Facebook non ha tuttavia intenzione di mollare facilmente gli interessi e le potenzialità derivanti dalla geolocalizzazione.
Con l'acquisizione del team di Gowalla riprende la rincorsa a Foursquare.

Quale futuro per i servizi di social geolocalizzazione? 13.04.11

La perdita di interesse intorno al check-in.

In July 2010, Foursquare had 2 million users performing 1 million check-ins per day. By the end of the year, that number had risen to 5 million users performing 2 million check-ins per day. Impressive growth, yet this means check-ins per user declined from 0.5 per person to 0.4. It also suggests that many of those five million users aren't active.

The trend for Facebook Places is even worse. Facebook had at least 30 million members check in at least once in a shorter time frame as a newer service with a larger built in user base. Yet Facebook Places offers even less value than a Foursquare check-in. There are no points to win and no discovery element like tips; it's just a flat statement that, "I am at Starbucks." As a result, early indications are that Facebook check-ins strongly lag Foursquare check-ins.