Spazio, ultima frontiera.

Dieci miti sulla Grande Guerra smascherati 23.01.14

In occasione dell'anno che segna il centenario dello scoppio della Prima Guerra Mondiale lo storico Dan Snow ha raccolto e sconfessato dieci miti riguardanti la Grande Guerra.

7. Tactics on the Western Front remained unchanged despite repeated failure

Never have tactics and technology changed so radically in four years of fighting. It was a time of extraordinary innovation. In 1914 generals on horseback galloped across battlefields as men in cloth caps charged the enemy without the necessary covering fire. Both sides were overwhelmingly armed with rifles. Four years later, steel-helmeted combat teams dashed forward protected by a curtain of artillery shells.

They were now armed with flame throwers, portable machine-guns and grenades fired from rifles. Above, planes, that in 1914 would have appeared unimaginably sophisticated, duelled in the skies, some carrying experimental wireless radio sets, reporting real-time reconnaissance.

Huge artillery pieces fired with pinpoint accuracy - using only aerial photos and maths they could score a hit on the first shot. Tanks had gone from the drawing board to the battlefield in just two years, also changing war forever.

La Grande Guerra su Facebook 17.04.13

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Il Musée de la Grande Guerre, in occasione del centenario dello scoppio della Prima Guerra Mondiale il prossimo anno, ha aperto un profilo su Facebook dove si racconta la vita in trincea di Léon Vivien, un ipotetico soldato francese sul fonte occidentale.