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Il tennis tavolo giocato con la testa

Res publica   01.10.14  

Lo hanno chiamato Headis. Si tratta di giocare a ping-pong usando la testa invece di una racchetta; uno sport a metà strada tra il tennis tavolo e il calcio tennis che si sta diffondendo dalle università tedesche al resto d'Europa.

Il suo inventore, il signor Wegner, lo descrive così.

The concept is head tennis, or Headis, as dubbed by Mr. Wegner, and involves squatting, hands planted on the table, and using the head to whip, spin and slam the ball back and forth across the net.

[...] The answers to oft-asked questions: No, playing doesn't hurt the head. Nor does one get whiplash, because the key is really to use the legs, not the neck, says Mr. Wegner. And yes, you're allowed to jump on the table.

Mr. Wegner, the creator and promoter of the game, says he intended to foster a Headis community and play down the competitive aspect, but it seems to bring out the inner fighter in players, who adopt nicknames and different styles of play. Among German city dwellers, Cologne competitors are "stylers" who tend to spin the ball, while those from Munich are more aggressive volleyers, smashing the ball with their heads, says Oliver "The Butcher" Mueller, a Headis pioneer who sports a graying beard and small ponytail.

Non posso fare a meno di pensare all'Igo Soccer di Nichijou.