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Nomi di animali domestici nel medioevo 26.07.13

La storia dei nomi dati a cani e gatti domestici nel medioevo raccontata da Medievalists.

In England we find dogs that were named Sturdy, Whitefoot, Hardy, Jakke, Bo and Terri. Anne Boleyn, one of the wives of King Henry VIII, had a dog named Purkoy, who got its name from the French ‘pourquoi’ because it was very inquisitive.

Geoffrey Chaucer's The Nun's Priest Tale has a line where they name three dogs: Colle, Talbot and Gerland. Meanwhile, in the early fifteenth-century, Edward, Duke of York, wrote The Master of Game, which explains how dogs are to be used in hunting and taken care of. He also included a list of 1100 names that he thought would be appropriate for hunting dogs. They include Troy, Nosewise, Amiable, Nameles, Clenche, Bragge, Ringwood and Holdfast.

Meanwhile, in Switzerland a list of 80 dogs that took part in a shooting festival in the year 1504 has been preserved. They reveal the most popular name was Furst (Prince). Other names included Venus, Fortuna, and Turgk. Some dogs got their names from the work being done by their owners: Hemmerli (Little Hammer) belonged to a locksmith, while Speichli (Little Spoke) belonged to a wagoner.

[...] In medieval England domestic cats were known as Gyb – the short form of of Gilbert – and that name was also popular for individual pet cats. Meanwhile in France they were called Tibers or Tibert was generic name fo domestic cat in France – Tibert the Cat was one of the characters in the Reynard the Fox animal fables.

Other names for cats included Mite, who prowled around Beaulieu Abbey in the 13th century, and Belaud, a grey cat belonging to Joachim du Bellay in the 16th century. Isabella d'Este also owned a cat named Martino. Old Irish legal texts refer to several individual cats and names them: Meone (little meow); Cruibne (little paws); Breone (little flame, perhaps an orange cat), and Glas nenta (nettle grey). An Irish poem from the ninth century describes how a monk owned a cat named Pangur Bán, which meant 'fuller white'.

Francia - Svizzera 0 - 0 13.06.06

Arbitro: IVANOV Valentin
Gruppo G
Stadio: Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion


  • Tiri in porta 3 - 4
  • Tiri 9 - 7
  • Falli 18 - 18
  • Calci d'angolo 4 - 1
  • Calci di punizione 0 - 2
  • Fuorigioco 5 - 0
  • Autoreti 0 - 0
  • Ammonizioni 3 - 5
  • Espulsioni 0 - 0
  • Possesso di palla 51% - 49%

Cartellini gialli:

  1. 42' MAGNIN Ludovic (SUI)
  2. 45' STRELLER Marco (SUI)
  3. 56' DEGEN Philipp (SUI)
  4. 64' ABIDAL Eric (FRA)
  5. 72' ZIDANE Zinedine (FRA)
  6. 72' CABANAS Ricardo (SUI)
  7. 93+' SAGNOL Willy (FRA)
  8. 93+' FREI Alexander (SUI)

Formazione della Francia:
16 BARTHEZ Fabien
03 ABIDAL Eric
04 VIEIRA Patrick
05 GALLAS William
06 MAKELELE Claude
08 DHORASOO Vikash - al posto di - 11 WILTORD Sylvain (84')
10 ZIDANE Zinedine
12 HENRY Thierry
14 SAHA Louis - al posto di - 22 RIBERY Frank (70')
15 THURAM Lilian
19 SAGNOL Willy

Formazione della Svizzera:
02 DJOUROU Johan - al posto di - 20 MUELLER Patrick (75')
03 MAGNIN Ludovic
04 SENDEROS Philippe
05 MARGAIRAZ Xavier - al posto di - 08 WICKY Raphael (82')
06 VOGEL Johann
07 CABANAS Ricardo
09 FREI Alexander
10 GYGAX Daniel - al posto di - 11 STRELLER Marco (56')
16 BARNETTA Tranquillo
23 DEGEN Philipp

Migliore in Campo Budweiser: MAKELELE Claude (FRA)

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