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Il suono degli anelli di accrescimento di un albero 25.11.17

Bartholomäus Traubeck, per il suo progetto Years, ha modificato un giradischi per suonare dischi di legno ricavati da sezioni trasversali degli alberi analizzando gli anelli di accrescimento della pianta.

A tree's year rings are analysed for their strength, thickness and rate of growth. This data serves as basis for a generative process that outputs piano music. It is mapped to a scale which is again defined by the overall appearance of the wood (ranging from dark to light and from strong texture to light texture). The foundation for the music is certainly found in the defined ruleset of programming and hardware setup, but the data acquired from every tree interprets this ruleset very differently.

Legno caleidoscopico 18.06.17

WoodSwimmer è l'ipnotico cortometraggio in time lapse di Brett Foxwell di un caleidoscopico viaggio tra venature, nodi e anelli di accrescimento del legno ottenuto con il meticoloso uso di una fresatrice e pazientemente fotografato.

Fascinated with the shapes and textures found in both newly-cut and long-dead pieces of wood, I envisioned a world composed entirely of these forms. As I began to engage with the material, I conceived a method using a milling machine and an animation camera setup to scan through a wood sample photographically and capture its entire structure. Although a difficult and tedious technique to refine, it yielded gorgeous imagery at once abstract and very real. Between the twisting growth rings, swirling rays, knot holes, termites and rot, I found there is a lot going on inside of wood.

Big Daddy 28.02.10

Il legno è geek 17.12.07

Chissà cosa ne penseranno gli ambientalisti...
A me le custodie per iPhone e iPod in legno piacciono.

Poi magari saranno scomode, inutili e ingombranti; però lo fanno con stile.