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E alla fine arriva Trump

Res publica   10.11.16  

La narrazione delle campagne elettorali per le presidenziali americane 2016 di Donald Trump e Hillary Clinton raccontata dalla voce di chi le ha imbastite.

By the spring of this year, it was clear that Americans were heading into one of the ugliest, most consequential and often bizarre presidential campaigns in memory. Donald Trump would become the improbable Republican nominee, and Democrat Hillary Clinton the first woman to head a major-party ticket. Their clash challenged Americans to confront divisions over race, gender, ideology and our very national identity. This is how the race unfolded, as retold by the people who lived it. This oral history is based on four dozen on-the-record interviews with campaign advisers and other key players, conducted during the final two weeks.


La freccia di Hillary Clinton

Res publica   11.06.15  

Il logo della campagna presidenziale di Hillary Clinton

L'uso intelligente e la versatilità del logo della campagna presidenziale di Hillary Clinton sta conquistando anche i più scettici.

It is through all these iterations that Clinton's logo fully displays its iconic value: It is highly recognizable despite the changes, and the much-criticized right-facing red arrow is now appears as it was likely meant to: pointing the way forward. The different backgrounds aren't just an innovative graphic solution-they are the visual embodiment of the values Clinton is building her campaign around. It vehicles a leadership based on collectivity and inclusiveness rather than the elitist individualism Clinton is often accused of.


Il logo di Hillary Clinton

Res publica   15.04.15  

Perché il logo della campagna presidenziale di Hillary Clinton funziona ed è perfetto per la comunicazione online.

The logo itself is bold and contemporary, and pretty enough that it won't annoy us when we've been looking at it for 18 months straight. It's lacking all traces of flag-like elements, which is great, and it’s also flat, which is nice. It's not Obama "O" good (actually, I always found Obama’s logo packing a little too much heartland/waves-of-grain for my taste), but an H is awkward letter--it isn't nearly as iconic or cool. It needed something else.

[...] The arrow is kind of a win-win, graphically. In the 2D design world where logos are merely slapped on posters and t-shirts, the arrow still symbolizes progress, pointing towards the future. But it's the arrow as an interaction design element which offers the most value--and this is the one that the vast majority of Hillary supporters are most likely to engage with during the campaign.

Now, instead of just forward movement, the logo infers clickability. "YES." Which I'd argue is something that you definitely want for a political candidate.

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